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About US

We are among the leading fitness studios in Lucknow. We have 5 branches fully equipped fitness studios in Lucknow to cater clients from all around Lucknow. Her Fitness has emerged as a brand in Ladies Fitness domain in a very short period. Her Fitness stands among other gyms as a role model. We ensure best quality services by not compromising on the price. We belief that any lady would join us for achieve her fitness goal. Her Fitness ensures that she does achieve her fitness goal by offering certified trainers, and fully equipped gym.

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A personal trainer always has a new workout up her sleeve to keep you having fun and seeing results

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With the vast majority of us living ever more sedentary lives, doing desk based jobs or those that put stress on our bodies, we need mobility and flexibility training more than ever. Your gym trainer should build exercises into your programme that deliver mobility and flexibility benefits and introduce you to those best suited for the kinds of stresses you put on your body day to day. Injury prevention is a core benefit of this type of training, allowing us to carry on with the rest of our fitness programme and live full, active lives, unhampered by pain or stiffness.


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ZimFit is a three-part program to completely transform the way you look and feel. ZimFit Nutrition supercharges your metabolism to burn off calories like a furnace. ZimFit Aerobics burns off body fat at a white-hot pace. And my revolutionary ZimFit Training superheats each muscle of your body in a particular order, strengthens then stretches each muscle, quickly and dramatically reshaping each muscle group to completely transform the way you look and feel. This scientifically designed program is the ultimate in time-efficiency. By constantly surprising your body, and by using 100% of your muscles capacity, you will completely transform each muscle from its deepest part, and as a result, completely transform your physical appearance.

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